IC Internal Issues allows the user to issue items from Inventory Control to the internal cost centres situated in the General Ledger. This add-on product allows issuing of items to an internal cost centre, by using a powerful matrix for determination of the General Ledger account number. Using IC Internal Issues will definitely simplify the accounting and control of IC issues to internal cost centres for large stationery warehouses, marketing inventory, mining operations stores and many other applications.

    Invoicing process

    Order entry is used to “invoice” cost centres. This ultimately means that orders can be placed by cost centres, order confirmations and picking slips can be printed. It also means that it is now possible for “invoices” can be printed at the same time as dispatch.

    Flexible account numbers

    The cost centre expense account numbers are derived based on flexible rules set up in IC Internal Issues.

    “selling” to Cost Centres

    Goods are “sold” to internal cost centres at values that are determined by the applicable Sage 300 Inventory Control costing method.

    Produces documentation

    Uses standard Sage 300 document formatting and generation to produce Requisitions, Authorizations and Issue documents.