SmartPoint Solutions adapt to the client’s unique requirements as well as the client’s choice of database and deployment preferences, while accommodating the client’s organizational structure. Our range of mid-market and enterprise products provide full service enterprise resource planning software, capable of meeting the most elaborate of business processes, whilst remaining simple to use. They are powerful toolsets that assist clients to confidently streamline time-consuming financial and operational processes using advanced workflow, alerting and business process management technologies. Below is how we achieve our strategies:-

    I. Custom Development: Should a customer believe that their needs are unique and wish to manifest their ideas into a solution, custom software development can address this issue.

    The goal of custom software solutions may not be to develop for the mass market, but rather to develop a unique solution for the customer. Custom developed software is encouraged to take under one umbrella, progressive technologies along with preferences and expectations of the customer. Custom developed software may be designed in a stage by stage process, allowing all possible hidden dangers to be taken into account, including issues which may have not been mentioned in the initial specification.

    The potential benefits include streamlining operations where software fits the business processes exactly. Training costs can be reduced as workflow of the software matches the business workflow processes. As business requirements evolve with time, so too can custom software requirements.

    II. Sage 300 Development: The Sage 300 design allows for custom modules and extensions to Sage 300’s core modules, and interfaces, to provide a totally solid customer solution. This approach has advantages over the common approach of developing external databases that contain additional information outside of the Sage 300 environment.
    Smart Point has a substantial amount of experience in developing software using the sage 300 and existing commissioned projects on behalf of our clients and solution providers. Smart Point has the skill and experience to develop the most comprehensive solutions for customers.

    III. Process Automation: As most IT systems are inherently automation engines, a valid option is to extend their functionality to enable the desired automation, creating customized links between disparate systems where required. This approach means that the automation can be tailored specifically to the exact environment of the organization.