This add-on product performs electronic fund transfers from the standard Accounts Payable and Accounts Receipts processing routines to the user’s banks of choice by creating output files which integrate with the corresponding bank’s electronic payment system. Using Smart EFT will provide a comprehensive and flexible tool for electronic payment of vendors and customer debit orders whilst fully supporting Sage 300’s standard Payment and Receipt processing functionality and audit trails.

    Standardized payments/receipts

    Payments/Receipts are made using standard Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable processing. Smart EFT collects the relevant transactions to allow for further processing.

    Electronic payments/receipts

    Any number of banks that are set up in Bank Services can be used with Smart EFT. Any vendor can be paid either electronically or by cheque, and any customer can be included in the debit order file for collection.

    Definable output files

    Smart EFT uses a simple mechanism to define output files for banks, therefore no programming is required and end users can easily define the file layouts.


    There is flexible control over which payments/receipts should be submitted to the bank. Transactions can be included in bulk to be uploaded to banks, or groups / individual transactions can also be selected.

    Print, fax or e-mail Remittance advices

    Remittance advices can be printed and then either faxed or emailed using a third party’s software. Comprehensive audit trails are also available.