Tier 300 is a tool that allows third party products and applications to implement integration to Sage 300 almost seamlessly. Integration of data and transactions to Sage 300 is archived by exposing elements of the ERP securely through web services. Integration is made relatively easy by availing methods/functions that address components which third parties may desire to affect.

    The idea behind Tier 300 is to simplify integration of data into Sage 300 without the technical knowledge of Sage 300 COM API and/or the SDK.

    By providing at 3rd party software vendors with a standard method of pushing data (XML and web services), developers need only call the method they need performed in Sage 300 (eg. arCreateCustomer), and populate the XML data sheet with the values.

    Tier300 is a web service application that must be installed and hosted on a server that has access to a Sage 300 server.

    Sample Mapping

    • The blue box below displays a few of the methods available on the interface that enable communication between third party applications and Sage 300.
    • The grey boxes display data members related to the methods (apCreateVendor and oeCreateSalesOrder in the diagram below). Some of these data members must be populated in order to execute the method successfully (The minimum data required for a transaction).

    Benefit of using Tier 300

    • Tier300 interfaces with Sage 300 modules.
    • It can used for exporting and/or importing of master data and transactions.
    • The Sage business rules data imports

    It can be used to facilitate transaction over countless application platforms.